Corkus Island (Human Territory)

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Corkus Island (Human Territory) RegionIcon.png
A picture of the Corkus Island human territories, with Mech Scrapyard on the left.
Coordinates X: -1600, Z: -2700
Access Points Avos Territory to the north
Ocean all around
Suggested Level 80
Quest Starts Desperate Metal
Mixed Feelings
The Envoy Part II
Involved Quests The Envoy Part I
A Hunter's Calling
Type/Biomes Mountainous plains/forest
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Corkus)

The human territory of Corkus Island takes up most of the island's area. It is located south of the mountainous Avos Territory, inhabited by the native Avos. The region is officially owned by the Avos, but in reality the humans have full control over the area.[1] The region mainly consists of mountainous plains and forests, with sandy coasts all around the island.

The main enemies that you'll encounter in the region are the mechs, artificial creatures awoken to life with electromagic, which the Factory has started to produce again. Now and then, you can also encounter groups of bandits, though they don't appear to be as much of a threat as the mechs.

Southeast of the territory is Legendary Island, where you can take on the Legendary Challenge.

Points of Interest


  • Corkus City - The capital of Corkus, owned by humans. It's the most advanced city in the world, housing many devices that work with electromagic, helping the people in their everyday life.
  • Relos - A smaller coastal settlement built around a bay. The machines there are built by the large number of engineers and mechanics living there. Importing and exporting takes place frequently in Relos.


  • Pirate Sloop - Find the pirates' dock to their hideout.
  • The Warehouse - Bots manage a complex warehouse deep in the ground here.
  • Junk Pit - Old bots and scrap have been creeping around inside the junk pit here.
  • Builder-Bot Central - Builder bots have gone past their programming and making strange masonry structures inside this cave.
  • Geodesic - Fall into a great cavern.
  • Pirate Lattice - Pirates have reprogrammed some machines to do their dirty work and defend their treacherous lattice work hideout.
  • Corkus Quarry - LAZERs and explosives are being used by the bots to dig out a massive quarry.
  • Steamworks - Try not to get lost or overheat inside the vents and pipeworks here.
  • Avos Animation Totem - Beware what lives here.
Pirate Sloop
-1341, -2229
Wynncraft Map
The Warehouse
-1847, -2641
Wynncraft Map
Junk Pit
-1782, -2569
Wynncraft Map
Builder-Bot Central
-1674, -3060
Wynncraft Map
-1369, -3060
Wynncraft Map
Pirate Lattice
-1394, -2393
Wynncraft Map
Corkus Quarry
-1365, -2736
Wynncraft Map
-1471, -2376
Wynncraft Map
Avos Animation Totem
-1759, -2450
Wynncraft Map


  • Fallen Factory - Once the national monument of Corkus, the Factory has now been overtaken by the Antikythera Supercomputer, producing new mechs to attack the humans.
  • Geyser Pit - A Boss Altar near the Avos Territory. A group of mining mechs escaped the humans here before they could be dealt with.

Grind Spots

  • Mech Scrapyard - The spot is southeast of Corkus City, behind the Fallen Factory. The mobs are meant for around level 90, and can be a major threat to undergeared players (-1446, -2522).


  • Bass is found in many bodies of water, mainly in southern and eastern parts of the island.

  • Pine is found all throughout the human territory.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Gather Pine Logs III Woodcutting 86 -1339, 113, -2870 52 Pine Wood or 52 Pine Paper 157000 195000
Gather Bass III Fishing 86 1829, 37, -2223 52 Bass Oil or 52 Bass Meat 157000 195000
Gather Bass IV Fishing 88 -1330, 34, -2732 62 Bass Oil or 62 Bass Meat 207000 240000
Slay Pernix Monkeys Combat 90 -1721, 110, -2255 24 Perkish Potatoes 617100 -
Gather Avo Logs Woodcutting 91 -1339, 113, -2870 52 Pine Wood or 52 Pine Paper 157000 195000
Gather Sorghum II Farming 93 -1433, 71, -2280 48 Sorghum String or 48 Sorghum Grains 328000 370000
Gather Avo Logs III Woodcutting 96 -1739, 76, -2469 52 Avo Wood or 52 Avo Paper 427000 510000
Gather Avo Logs IV Woodcutting 98 1686, 75, -2187 62 Avo Wood or 62 Avo Paper 515000 630000


  • The human territory of Corkus Island is never actually separated as a region/discovery ingame.