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Acronyms are often used to shorten a term. Many of these are fan designators that are used widely throughout the community, but some others are official (official acronyms or terms are bolded).


These are acronyms for the various dungeons in the game.

Builds and Identifying

  • E or Str - Earth
  • T or Dex - Thunder
  • W or Int - Water
  • F or Def - Fire
  • A or Agi - Air

Combinations like TWA, ETW, ETA mean build focused on these elements. For example TWA means build focused on Thunder, Water, Air.

  • HR or HPR : Health Regen
  • MR: Mana Regen
  • LS: Life Steal
  • MS: Mana Steal
  • XP or XPB: XP Bonus
  • LB: Loot Bonus
  • LQ: Loot Quality
  • WS: Walk Speed
  • SPR: Soul Point Regen
  • EHP: Effective HP

Quests and Quest Bosses



  • DXP: Double Experience (usually from Bombs)
  • Dungeon Party: a group of players running the same dungeon to gain experience; (usually) coupled with Dungeon Bombs and Double Experience Bombs
  • Prof Party: an event where (usually) both Profession Speed and XP bombs are thrown
  • WC#: World # (e.g., WC10 is World 10)
  • Glowbulb Party or Bulb Party: a party for the most popular grind spot for level 100+ (Glowbulb Cave), located in the Void Valley
  • DBomb: dungeon bomb
  • HIC: Hunted, Ironman, Craftsman, all on the same class; serves as a difficult challenge for experienced players
    • HICH or HHIC: HIC, with Hunted Mode
  • LR: lootrunning
  • CotL: Canyon of the Lost
  • SE: Silent Expanse
  • HB: HERO beta. A beta of the upcoming major update, only accessible by those with a HERO rank or higher.