Fate of the Olm

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Fate of the Olm StructureIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Many years ago an Olmic oracle foresaw the demise of her land. To prepare for it, she created a weapon of pure light that will halt the darkness, but when the time came to use it, her descendants were unable to retrieve the bracelet.
Coordinates X: 505, Z: -783
Suggested Level 100
Uses Discovery
Requirements Partial completion of A Journey Further

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Fate of the Olm is a Secret Discovery that takes the player across the Silent Expanse, from the Ruined Olmic City to the Toxic Wastes. It is the longest and most complex discovery in the region, and completing it requires cooperation between two players, both of whom must complete each step.

The discovery involves retracing the path of an ancient oracle of the Olm, who hid a powerful, mysterious "light artifact" to be used against the oncoming Darkness. Completing the discovery as intended involves translating large amounts of Wynnic text, in which case the
Ancient Wynnic Transcriber rewarded for discovering the Wynn Plains Monument is an invaluable resource.

The Discovery

First Stone Tablet

Ancient Manor
505, 116, -783
Wynncraft Map

To begin the discovery, you must first find the first of three
Stone Tablets. It is located in the highest room of the ancient Olmic manor near the north edge of the Ruined City; this location is west of the broken bridge and just off the main path taken during A Journey Further, and therefore many players stumble across this discovery and find the first Tablet by accident during the quest.

The Stone Tablet is engraved with several sentences of Ancient Wynnic text, which when translated (using the Transcriber or otherwise) read as follows: "The monster from beyond has found us. Our only chance is the light artifact. The key to the hiding place is in the runemaster's basement. His house is in the forest. If you find this note it is already too late for me. Please seek out the artifact."

The text directs the player to the next location, in the Eyeball Forest. Note that in order for the next step to be accessible, the Tablet must be collected first. Each step in this discovery must be completed in order.

Second Stone Tablet

Runemaster's House
860, -500
Wynncraft Map

The house you are directed to by the first Tablet is the only building on the western edge of the Eyeball Forest. To uncover the basement, first climb to the ruined upper floor of the building, find the wooden crates suspended by a rope at the south side, and break the rope by left-clicking it. The crates will fall, breaking open a hole in the ground and giving access to the basement. The second Stone Tablet will be located on the floor near a table.

The Wynnic text on the Tablet translates as follows: "If you find this note, you must be seeking the key to the light artifact. It had to be moved to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. It is protected beneath a shrine north of here."

The next location is some distance north of Lutho, in the Toxic Wastes; proceeding beyond this stage requires partially completing A Journey Further.

Olmic Shrine

Olmic Shrine
919, 90, -977
Wynncraft Map

The shrine is found in the northwestern hills of the Toxic Wastes, beneath a distinctive overhang dripping in green stalactites. In order to access the hidden part of the shrine, you must collect three shards scattered around the area:

  • The Sapphire Shard is located atop a partially-collapsed pillar at the western edge of the area at [887, 97, -981].

  • The Quartz Shard is located next to one of the pillars of the stone pavilion at the eastern edge, at [925, 90, -983].

  • The Ebony Shard is located in the shadows beneath a small ledge at [909, 90, -994], north of the Quartz Shard.

Once you've collected all three shards, place them on the altar inside the aforementioned eastern pavilion. A hole will open in the ground, and you can jump down to enter a partially-flooded underground temple. Complete the simple parkour at the end of the room to reach the Engraved Stone, and interact with it; the Wynnic inscription will appear in chat (unlike the others, this one cannot be taken with you). It reads: "The creators of darkness are encroaching. I had to move the key once more. I have sent it back to the family house armory via the tunnels. If you seek the artifact then you must make it there."

Take the
Ancient Pickaxe embedded in the pillar left of the engraving, and return to the lower level of the underground chamber. The blocked eastern tunnel can be cleared with the pickaxe to leave the area; after climbing a spiral staircase you will find yourself aboveground back in the Ruined Olmic City, just outside the mansion that is your next destination.

Third Stone Tablet

Ancient Manor
505, -783
Wynncraft Map

This is the section that cannot be completed without two players, both of whom have followed the steps to reach this point. Re-enter the mansion, and this time you will be able to find two keys throughout the building:

  • Kaen's Key is found downstairs upon the altar in the large chapel-like room, at [529, 92, -797].

  • Adan's Key is found upstairs in the small room with an iron door, at [512, 109, -783], which.

Once each player has one of the keys, both must go to the chamber at [519, 100, -744], with a large set of doors and two golden pressure plates. Each pressure plate also has a keyhole and a sign: the right is marked "Kaen", in Wynnic, and the left is marked "Adan". The player with Kaen's Key must stand on the right pressure plate and open the right keyhole, and the player with Adan's Key must do the same on the left, simultaneously.

When both keys are inserted, the doors will open to the manor vault and armory. Inside is the
Tomb Key, which will unlock the final stage of the discovery.

The third and final Stone Tablet is also found in this room; unlike the others, this one does not have to be taken for the final step, but its message is important nonetheless. It reads: "The beast's follower is here, looking for the artifact. It's too late, it was buried with our grandmother yesterday. If you are in dire need of light, please seek it out. The tomb is north of the mansion. The is likely our last moment, but it doesn't have to be yours."

Anya's Fate

Anya's Tomb
484, 90, -942
Wynncraft Map

Your final destination is the tomb of the Olmic oracle who originally started this journey, Anya. As long as you collected the Tomb Key in the armory, you no longer need to work in tandem with another player at this point. Travel the short distance up the road north to the large tomb, and use the key on the door to open it. At the end of the long hallway inside is a grave. Reaching it is enough to complete the discovery, granting you 1.5 million Experience Points.

The true reward, however, is the light artifact itself. Pressing the button on the grave will open it, revealing Anya's corpse; click on it to retrieve
Anya's Penumbra, an untradable level 100 Fabled Bracelet.